1. Josh Wilde - Commerical Photographer

    2023-04-20 13:40:05 UTC
    Josh Wilde is a commercial photographer who went from freelance jobs to assistant jobs, all the while learning about commercial photography. He acted as a practice portfolio reviewer who looked over my Vanitax series. he saw my intention and said the messages behind the imagery were visible as well as…

  2. Format Photography Festival - Derby

    2023-03-31 09:25:52 UTC
          The Format International Photography Festival in Derby showcased a wide variety of art creations with different themes, topics and mediums. On display was the work, ‘Racial Souls’, a large project created by multiple photographers. A highlight of the exhibition was the work of Cecilia Bengolia who collaborated with Jamaican dancers…

  3. Richard White - PowerHouse Studios

    2023-03-13 09:53:00 UTC
          The Leeds based studio is comprised of multiple teams, each having different specialities from photography to production to food design and more. Founded in 1999 with the intention of creating a friendly environment to take on commissions and now take on large-name brands. Richard White started off taking on cheap…

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